Client Testimonials

As a Farrier and multiple equine owner, I’ve had the benefit of a variety of animal care in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara counties.

I’ve worked for years along with Monterey County Equine caring for animals at the SPCA, Pebble Beach, and in the backyards of homes and ranches near and far. 

I called Monterey Country Equine for emergencies (a few), maintenance, and questions (a lot). I’ve recommended Dr. Baker to several clients and never regretted it. 

We’ve all wished we can have the best for our animals. Feed, water, shelter and care. Those of you living in the tri-county areas can have the best: a kind, compassionate, educated and experienced doctor who answers her phone.

-Dave Miller (Farrier)

If you want a top quality, caring, intelligent, highly skilled, and committed veterinary team for your horses, we wholeheartedly recommend Monterey County Equine. We have been fortunate to have Dr. Heather and Andy providing care for our three horses since 2016. They have helped us through everything from routine veterinary checks to major traumas, and have always gone above and beyond to insure the health and comfort of our small herd. We are very grateful to have such a professional veterinary team dedicated to the care of our beloved horses. 

Vince and Christine Hernandez, Watsonville, Ca

“For over 15 years my horses have been cared for by Dr. Heather Baker and Monterey County Equine. Compassion, integrity, and top-notch skills come with every visit, whether routine or emergency. Her clear, comprehensive explanation of veterinary options enables owners to make informed decisions that balance budget considerations with level of care.

The veterinary excellence, coupled with exceptionally professional and responsive office support, have enabled wonderful quality of life for my animals, and has immeasurably enhanced mine.”    

Kristi Fredrickson

I have been a client of Heather Baker/Monterey County Equine for over 25 years.  Heather was one of my vets for my first horse and has been my veterinarian of choice ever since.  She has always performed her services to the highest medical standards, with so much professionalism mixed with a deep sense of compassion for the horses (and for me when it has been sadly appropriate). 

I have always appreciated her willingness to respond to emergencies, even at times that were inconvenient to her.  If she was unavailable due to being out of town, she still was always willing to advise me and help me to deal with the situation at hand.

I consider Heather to be a consummate professional, and her partnership with Andy only adds to her ability to provide exceptional care for my horses.  I am grateful, as well, that both Heather and Andy have become my friends. I cannot recommend her more highly.

-Diane Geannacopulos
Creston, CA

Just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful care you have given to all of our animals. Whether the pig or the goat or horse you guys were always there to give us the best care. Your commitment to your job and the care you have for the animals is amazing and so appreciated. I hope we have another 15 years together thanks again for all your late nights, calls in a panic from me and the hugs that  followed letting me know everything will be ok.

Alice Cory

“I met Heather when a friend recommended her during an emergency. I had just moved my recently retired dressage horse to a new facility and he managed to injure himself almost immediately. Heather was incredibly responsive and professional. That was 10 years ago and she has been my vet ever since. She’s always provided exceptional care for both my retirees and my performance horses. She’s reasonable, responsive, and professional.”          

– Sheila Hatch

“We love and trust Dr. Baker and Andy with our animals.  They are easy to get a hold of and always available for our animals needs.   They have never once led us in the wrong direction!   They truly care and treat each animal as if it was their own.  

Thanks so much guys for all your expertise and knowledge all these years. “

-Jamie Pennisi

Over 20 years ago I called Dr. Baker (after calling 911) when I came upon a panicked woman with an overturned horse trailer that was in a ditch with two horses inside.  The scene was soon full of first-responders, but things only kicked into gear when Dr. Baker arrived and took charge of the situation. 

She immediately assessed the horses, came up with a plan to extricate them, and put everyone to work to perform a very complicated rescue.  She had to tranquilize the horses just enough to be able to remove them safely, but not so much that it overly suppressed their breathing since they had been completely upside down in the hot trailer for well over an hour.  This meant that, once medicated, they had only minutes to extract them. 

Her plan went off without a hitch, despite the “input” from a myriad of worried (and some very bossy) onlookers.  I will never forget that day, and I am happy to say that both horses survived the ordeal with only bruises and sore muscles, due to the calm leadership, quick thinking, and keen veterinary skills of the awesome Dr. Baker!

-Becky Suarez

We have been working with Heather and Andy of Monterey Equine for several years and not only do they provide exceptional quality animal care but they are just really wonderful humans.

We run a small animal rescue, so many animals come to us sick, injured, and generally uncared for and Heather and Andy are so knowledgeable about animals they are able to treat any ailment to get them strong and healthy. With so many animals we also have frequent emergencies and Heather and Andy are always on their way just as soon as we call.

When we began rescuing, we had big hearts but not a lot of experience with animal care and Heather and Andy have taken so much time to teach us everything we need to know to provide the best care.

Heather and Andy have also been there with us through some emotional times saying our final goodbyes to our animal friends and they have always been so kind and compassionate as they help them pass over the rainbow bridge. We cannot recommend Monterey Equine enough!! 

Camilla Alkhassadeh ( )

We’ve all been there. You get to the barn, only to find your horse sick or injured. That sinking feeling overwhelms you as you realize your horse needs care beyond your capabilities. In those frightening, uncertain moments, the last thing I want to worry about is hitching up, loading up, and traveling for help. Instead, I call Dr. Heather Baker. I am so thankful that I can always get a hold of Heather so quickly.

Heather has been taking care of my equine family for 14 years now. She is knowledgeable, informative, and truly cares for her clients and their animals. I have witnessed Heather and Andy perform a wide array of medical interventions, ranging from preventative care to diagnostics, and even surgery. When we have to make that difficult end of life decision, Heather is there. She is compassionate and gentle. It is not just a medical procedure for Heather. She is experiencing a loss as well.

Heather recently saved my horse from such a fate. After not responding to traditional colic treatment, Heather came to the rescue again. She administered supportive therapy in the field and gave me the tools to continue the treatment throughout the very long night. I spent the night in the barn with my horse. He pulled through and is doing great now! Heather has earned my complete trust, admiration, respect, and loyalty for all that she has done for my equine family and myself. Medical procedures have a price tag, Heather is priceless!

-Brandy Berry