Comprehensive equine medicine and field surgery

(laceration repair, castrations, umbilical hernias, etc)

Advanced diagnostics including digital radiography

(x-rays) and digital ultrasound

Preventative care/wellness exams

Lameness evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment

including intra-articular (joint) injections and mesotherapy, we offer Tildren/OsPhos as therapy for navicular and osteoarthritis

Advanced dentistry

We offer very experienced hand floating and power dentistry (Swissfloat and Powerfloat systems).

Pre-purchase exams

Sports medicine

extensive experience with English and Western performance horses

Reproduction services

including broodmare evaluation, artificial insemination (frozen and fresh), stallion collection and semen evaluation

Neonatal medicine

including emergencies and routine wellness checks

24-hour ambulatory emergency service

Colic, lacerations, eye injuries, foaling concerns, neurologic cases (stumbling, circling, unable to get up), acute lameness/unable to bear weight on a leg, and any other immediate concerns you may have

Ranch services

including herd health and beef production medicine

Small ruminant (goats and sheep) and non-ruminant farm animal medicine